Sumner Rocks with giant crayon art

Sumner Rocks with giant crayon art

8 May - Certificate in Design students at CPIT contributed to possibly the world’s largest crayon drawing which was coloured-in by enthusiastic young artists at the Sumner Rocks street party last Sunday.


The canvas will be attached to two double shipping containers in Sumner this week, adding to the ‘container art’ that features on containers along the road to the seaside village.

CPIT design tutor Henry Sunderland, who lives in Sumner, “was chuffed with what the students turned out” over three days of drawing in the CPIT studio after festival organisers invited them to take part in the community project. “But really it’s about what the kids got out of it on the day,” he said.

CPIT tutors such as artist Bing Dawe also contributed their talent to the project.