Students earn international computer certificate

Students earn international computer certificate

CPIT students have been vying for nifty prizes while earning an internationally recognised digital skills certificate at the Rakaia Centre. The Students Event team organised the event on 3-5 November to give students the opportunity to gain the internationally recognised ICDL certificate in computer skills.

First year ICT student Anoop Remadevi, who was in a leading position to win a tablet, believed that the programme was a great opportunity.

"It's a nice programme, related to what I study. The test really isn't that easy. They have good questions," Anoop said.

Student Events Coordinator Fiorella Fioretto said that although the certificate was not well known in New Zealand, it was widely accepted in Europe and Asia.

"The certificate shows that you have essential computer skills. It verifies you know how to maintain computer security, use word processing programmes and use spreadsheets."

The certificate would usually cost students $375 but at CPIT's Madras Street Campus they have been able to earn it for free. The certificate gives employers confidence that certificate holders are computer savvy – a vital skill in today's workplace.

ICDL National Marketing Executive Sarah Lee said she was thrilled with the response.

"The response has been awesome. We have a group of young men competing among themselves to win the tablet. This will go to the person who gets the highest score through all the modules. It's been a lot of fun."

While most of us feel confident in our computer and office skills there are often subtleties using word processors or spreadsheets.

"We think we know how to use Word, but how well can you really format a document? And it's the same with spreadsheets. Sure we can put data into them, but how well can you use the formula functions?" Sarah asked.

A total of 106 students participated in the three day event. Students whose skills were up to the test were given $5 coffee vouchers to celebrate their new qualification. In the end the prized tablet went to Deepak Sharma, who won by a single point over the seven modules and attributed his success to practising online beforehand.

The event has been so popular with students that the organisers are considering running it again in about a month.

"This will give students a chance to practise, improve their skills and then reset the test to achieve the certificate," said Fiorella.

Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma won a tablet computer for getting top marks on the IDCL digital certification tests.