Shadowboard artist encourages budding artists at CPIT workshop

Shadowboard artist encourages budding artists at CPIT workshop

Post-earthquake losses became inspiration for artworks for 25 lucky visual arts secondary school students who worked with local artist Wayne Youle at a weekend workshop on 24 and 25 March.

The workshop at CPIT’s School of Art & Design was organised in partnership with Christchurch Art Gallery and was based on the artist’s recent shadowboard artwork “I Seem to Have Temporarily Misplaced My Sense of Humour”, which is displayed in Sydenham.

Wayne Youle's 'I seem to have temporarily misplaced my sense of humour' 2011. Mural presented by Christchurch Art Gallery and Gap Filler. Reproduced courtesy the artist.

The students’ resulting artworks will on show at Christchurch South Library after Easter until the end of April.

Wayne’s high energy approach engaged the students and made the weekend event dynamic and a lot of fun according to Tim Brown from CPIT’s School of Art & Design “The workshop was very thought provoking. It encouraged them to experiment, and to go beyond their usual ways of thinking about creative processes.

“There was a lot of collaboration too, with all the participants sharing their skills. For example on the second day, they created a silhouette out of fabric and filled it to make it 3D. Wayne and many of the students couldn’t really use a sewing machine - but the ones who had skills showed them how it was done, and in the end everyone produced something great.”

After exploring ideas around the ‘i-generation’ and creative thinking, Wayne encouraged the students to bring in something that had meaning to them in relation to the earthquake, particularly objects that had been lost. These formed the basis for the artwork that was created, which was “a huge achievement given the time they had” according to Tim.

Youle talks to students about using fabric to make art.

CPIT and Christchurch Art gallery are planning more collaborative art workshops, starting with an artist-led workshop for teachers on Saturday 31 March with artists Edwards + Johann who will focus on photography, drawing and collage.