'Perfect storm' of technology at ICT conference opening

'Perfect storm' of technology at ICT conference opening

Five big ICT trends are combining to make the ‘perfect storm’ of technology, according to Davin Juusola, Vice President of Research and Development at Info-tech Research Group in Canada. Mobility, social media, big data, cloud and security were examined in Juusola’s opening keynote speech at the 30th Tertiary ICT Conference at CPIT on October 3.

“Together [these trends] are changing the value that IT can have and they are changing organisations,” Juusola says. “The perfect storm changes everything because it allows businesses direct access to technology that they didn’t have before.”

Juusola is excited about the possibilities that new technologies can provide for businesses. He believes it is particularly important that tertiary institutes keep up to date with what’s new.

“[Tertiary institutes] are being driven because they have student-bases of ‘millennials’, or people who have grown up with technology,” he says.

Image of Davin Juusola 

One of the key challenges faced in tertiary and other business settings is that IT departments are responding to a need to make systems available to a range of devices.

Juusola chaired a panel on the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ idea, discussing how CIO’s can work to support diverse devices such as iPads and smartphones on company networks.

“Bring Your Own Device is a big challenge… because it is all unknown,” he says.

He encouraged people looking to enter the ICT industry to refine their problem solving and communication skills. “Sharing knowledge is central to what we do,” he says.

The conference was held from 3 to 5 October at CPIT’s Madras Street Campus with support from co-hosts Lincoln University and the University of Canterbury.