Nursing in the blood

Nursing in the blood

Nursing certainly runs in the blood for three sisters who have all studied nursing at CPIT.

Liz Dewhirst, 19, and Rita Dewhirst, 21, are completing their Bachelor of Nursing at CPIT, following in the footsteps of their older sister Katie Dewhirst, 26, who graduated as a nurse from CPIT.

Katie says she was inspired to undertake nursing because of their Mum, who was also a nurse and "the most caring person". "It certainly makes a difference when you have family that has been in the profession before me," she says. "It's really cool now seeing my younger sisters studying. I know they will make incredible nurses. I look forward to the day to come when all my sisters are registered."

Rita followed big sister Katie to CPIT because she had heard CPIT was "the best nursing institute". "They definitely have exceeded my learning expectations. Things I have really enjoyed about CPIT are the friendships developed, the content is relevant and we are consistently supported by passionate lecturers who know how to guide us to become professional nurses."

"Nursing does run in the blood," Rita Dewhirst says. "I definitely was inspired by my family who are nurses. They always had great work stories to tell. They always have been passionate about nursing and I love hearing the difference they can make in a stranger's life through quality nursing care."

The youngest of the family, Liz, says she was also inspired by her nursing family. "I would hear all these incredible stories about how they were able to help people, care for them and share life changing moments with families."

Liz says her sisters' experience has helped her studies at CPIT. "It makes me more aware of what to expect, and even having an idea of the nursing language gives a bit of a push forward."

The sisters help each other with study and advice, but Rita says they get "slightly competitive." However, she also wouldn't have it any other way. "I would love to be nursed by them any day."