New Student Volunteer Army for CPIT

New Student Volunteer Army for CPIT

CPIT has a new army, which is ready and willing to help the community. Nursing student Hannah Williams has created CPIT’s first ever Student Volunteer Army (SVA).

“My friends and I just thought why can’t CPIT have something fun and exciting like the SVA,” she says.

“We knew it was a student lead thing so we knew that we could create the army. So we just decided to do it ourselves.”

Williams’ twin sister runs the University of Canterbury SVA so she had someone to turn to in order to get the group started.

“It’s not a huge competition between us at all. We’re going to work together as tertiary education SVAs and it’s actually great having her advice on everything,” she says.

The CPIT Student Volunteer Army have already leant a hand at the Colour Run, the SPCA Paws in the Park event and helping West Spreydon School build a new playground.


“It’s been fun and a really great experience,” Williams says.

They have many more projects planned, including helping the quake damaged Redcliffs community.

“We’ve been talking with them about holding a community day for them where we can help in any way we can.”

While the CPIT SVA already has a strong core, Williams says they are always looking for new members.

“We want lots of people. Anyone else that wants to join and be part of the SVA army please do. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.”

Deputy President of the SVA, student Michael Beaumont, will take over from Williams when the SVA is up and running.

For more information and to sign up please email