New state-of-the-art training bar for CPIT

New state-of-the-art training bar for CPIT

CPIT’s training bar has undergone a $100,000 makeover, bringing the facilities up to industry standard and enabling more students to train at the same time.

The Department of Food and Hospitality trains hundreds of students a year in wine and bar service. However, the facilities were built in the 1990s and were in need of a major make-over.

Manager of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Tony Kesseler says teams began planning last year to upgrade the space.

“We train about 200 students a year in a range of courses covering bar service basics, advanced bar knowledge, selling skills and cocktails, so we need quality facilities,” he says.

 “The previous bar was outdated. We wanted something much more modern and relevant to what you see in bars today.”

CPIT partnered with Southern Hospitality and Hancocks- wine, spirit and beer merchants to work on the bar upgrade over the last few months.

Bar staff working

Southern Hospitality manager Steve Boyles, who is also a CPIT graduate, says the bar is now up to the top of industry standards.

“We tried to make the bar as commercially realistic as we could so that students could have that top experience. It’s now a fantastic space and we’re really pleased with the outcome.”

The new bar also has six stations for students to work at, instead of the previous three, as well as the addition of a mobile pay station.

“It’s much more efficient use of the space,” Kesseler says.

He says both the students and staff are thrilled with the new training bar.

“It’s modern, it’s accessible and it looks great. We will be able to train our students to an even higher standard with the new facilities.”

Students are already training in the state of the art facilities, but the bar will be officially launched with a cocktail function on Monday April 14.