NASDA students relish challenges of unconventional play

NASDA students relish challenges of unconventional play

CPIT’s National Academy of Singing and Dancing (NASDA) students are taking on one of the most unconventional and challenging plays ever.


The third year NASDA students will be performing “Attempts on her Life”, directed by Stephanie McKellar-Smith, from June 6-13.


"Attempts on her Life", by Martin Crimp, is made up of 17 seemingly unconnected and often contradictory scenes during which the audience can attempt to discern who an un-seen character, named Anne, is. Throughout the play, Anne is described as everything from an international terrorist, to a suicidal modern artist to a refugee or a make of car.


Without any dialogue pre-assigned to specific characters and no linear plot line, the play has been hailed for its innovative use of structure and form. McKellar-Smith says this made it challenging for students to rehearse and perform.


“The students were forced to come up with creative ideas and back stories to flesh out each scene. This included deciding which scenes might actually be songs, or film clips or even contemporary dance pieces,” she said. “I am delighted with the way students have completely engaged with the project. Their creativity has been inspirational.”


McKellar-Smith chose the play because it “challenged the notion of what theatre was actually was about” as well as explored a range of pertinent contemporary themes. The play’s content features some controversial topics, including pornography, violence, terrorism and unprotected sex. 


“We have 13 extremely talented and passionate young performers taking on 17 challenging, interesting and engaging scenes. Why wouldn’t you want to come see it!” 

"Attempts on her Life" will run from 6th-13th June, with no show on Sunday, at the NASDA Theatre, E Block, CPIT Madras Street Campus.  .  For more information visit