‘Life changing’ teachers nurture jazz talent

‘Life changing’ teachers nurture jazz talent


Music Arts Graduate Manny with his favourite instrument.

Manny Addis got hooked on music when he was 13 years old. After years of playing in high school bands he decided to pursue his dream: being a jazz musician. He studied CPIT's Bachelor of Music Arts in Jazz and loved it.

"CPIT immediately felt like home. I've always had a passion for music, but I never took it seriously. I was a bit nervous on my first day, but meeting like-minded people was awesome. We were like a big family."

He studied two years of Jazz and then 'arranging' in his third year, to learn to compose music. The teachers really made a difference, he says.

 "The teachers were absolutely life changing. They go the extra mile for you, it goes way beyond just teaching in class. You can form a band with them and they give advice. I would always take music to one of the tutors during lunch time and he was really supportive."

The energy and inspiration Manny got from his teachers he now passes on to his own students, by teaching at the School of Rock.

"The teachers used a very personal way of teaching. They try to make you play like yourself, developing your own style. I am trying to do this with my students as well and of course I try to make it fun too."

Manny loves teaching, but standing on a stage and performing for a big crowd is what makes his heart beat faster.

"At least once a week I'm on stage, playing guitar in my band or DJ'ing. Once I opened before the Gorillaz, which was awesome. When the show is going well, it instantly makes you feel amazing. You feel the energy."

Manny is grateful with where he is in his life at the moment. CPIT played a big role in that, he says;

"I don't feel like any of the musical stuff I'm doing now, I could have done without the Bachelor in Music Arts. The course developed my skills, made me meet the right people in the industry and helped me get close relationships with other musicians in Christchurch."

To learn more about CPIT Aoraki's Bachelor of Music Arts, visit www.cpit.ac.nz or phone 0800 24 24 76 for more information.