Korean student earns Japanese Consul Prize

Korean student earns Japanese Consul Prize

Studying a third language from your second language cannot be easy, but Korean student Hyun Joo Chung is not only succeeding but coming out on top of her class.

Chung was awarded the Japan Consul prize for the most improved student second year Bachelor of Language (Japanese) award on Friday 2 May.

She studied English at CPIT for six years before taking on Japanese. “A long time ago my husband studied Japanese here. I felt I wanted to study another language. My son is growing up now. Yes, he is very proud of me.”

“I think the CPIT programme is very useful,” she said. “If I have the chance to get a job I will try.”

Korean student accepts prize 

Christchurch’s new Japanese Consul Masayuki Tsuchikawa presented Chung with the award and met with CPIT staff. “I am happy to be here today,” he said. “Just one month has passed and I am learning many people in New Zealand study Japanese language. We hope more students will study Japanese language and culture.”

CPIT Chief Executive Officer Kay Giles commented that Japanese language was the first degree offered by the institute and CPIT Head of Humanities Mark Hornby added that the aim of the programme has always been to equip students with practical skills that they can use in the workplace.

Chung’s tutor Henk de Groot praised his student’s discipline and drive.