[IN]box sits perfectly in the spirit of ArtBox

[IN]box sits perfectly in the spirit of ArtBox

Art is often an attempt to escape from boxes; from restricted and conventional ways of thinking. So it’s interesting that for ArtBox’s final exhibition for 2014, 59 artists were given the challenge of working with a box – all of them with the same basic cardboard box in fact. Yet the result is 59 very different artworks and an engaging and thought provoking exhibition.

Better still, these artworks will be auctioned on Saturday 14 December to raise money for ArtBox and ArtBeat.

Some artists have put their skills into the box, other have used the box as their canvas and others have taken the box apart to create new and surprising works. It is the variety, as well as the creativity that makes this exhibition so interesting.


The works will also appeal individually to art collectors too. The auction is a great opportunity to support ArtBox and the artists involved, and to take home a unique piece of art.

Some pieces will be recognisable as reflecting the themes and methods of particular artists, while others will be complete surprises. With 59 works to be auctioned there are many different approaches and ideas on display.

The ArtBox auction is on 14 December. Doors open at 6pm, auction starts at 6.30pm, DL Lecture theatre, CPIT Madras Street campus. Register at tinyurl.com/artboxauction (free). Entry is by donation.

ArtBeat will also hold an online auction - see www.oculablack.com.