Former baker wins Japanese Consul prize

Former baker wins Japanese Consul prize

CPIT's Japanese Consul prize winner for most outstanding Bachelor of Japanese second year student started his studies with the least experience of his classmates.

Before enrolling in Japanese at CPIT Craig McFadden was a professional baker, but he was not enjoying the early mornings demanded by his profession. He decided to retrain.

He really wanted to pursue his passion for Japanese language and culture. The problem was, he hadn't studied Japanese at secondary school.


CPIT offered the perfect solution with a foundation programme that prepared Craig for the more intensive three-year degree programme.  

First Craig completed a Certificate in Japanese foundation course. With this qualification he was able to enrol in Bachelor of Japanese. Now in his third and final year of the degree, Craig is delighted that he has been able to pursue a career in Japanese language and culture and honoured that his tutors had recognised all of his hard work.

He has already visited Japan once, last year, on a Japan Foundation six week study scholarship available to CPIT students. Based in Osaka, Craig was able to meet up with Japanese friends he had met at CPIT, who showed him the local highlights.

Soon Craig leaves for Japan again, this time to study for one semester on an exchange programme with Hiroshima Shudo University.

The trips are excellent preparation for Craig's goal of returning to Japan to work when he has completed his qualification. He may apply to the Japan Exchange ad Teaching (JET) programme, which CPIT has a long association with and which would allow him to work as a teacher or translator for one year.