Encouraging teens to make safe choices

Encouraging teens to make safe choices

 "Hot Seat" is delivered by Crash Bash – an educational road safety programme for secondary school students organised by the Christchurch City Council and supported by the Canterbury Police. It uses a contemporary stage performance to raise awareness among students about the importance of making safe choices for themselves and others when driving or as a passenger. 

Director Rutene Spooner says NASDA students have performed the show for the last four years and incorporates NZTA's messages into a engaging show.  "This year we came up with the idea of the a gameshow called 'The Hot Seat'; where the contestants from the audience answer questions about road safety." 

The Crash Bash school tour started on Wednesday 25 February and will run until Wednesday 1 April 2015. During that time 37 performances will be delivered in over 25 secondary schools in Christchurch and the surrounding areas to about 12,000 students. 

Performer and NASDA graduate Ben Freeth says the Hot Seat . "We've had good interaction with our audiences. It seems like they're really buying into it and getting involved."

Transport and City Streets Unit Manager, Richard Topham, says being behind a wheel of a car or even travelling as a passenger is a responsibility that all drivers need to be reminded about. Driving is such an important task requiring focus and good decision making, he says.

"Our young people are especially vulnerable: small choices on seat belts, speed and cell phone use, when combined together with peer distraction, can snowball into lethal consequences," he says. "We need our young people to be safe on our roads so helping them develop good habits is important." 

Canterbury Police's Senior Sergeant, Dean Harker, says Canterbury Police are raising awareness of the five common causes of road crash related injuries in an attempt to reduce serious injury and fatalities on Canterbury Roads. "The Crash Bash initiative allows Police to work in partnership with their safer journey partners to get the message out to around 12,000 students in the wider Canterbury District." 

Schools and parents can obtain information about this year's Crash Bash programme by visiting the Crash Bash website www.crashbash.co.nz