Industry snapping up CPIT's Architectural Studies graduates

Industry snapping up CPIT's Architectural Studies graduates

CPIT’s Architectural Studies graduates are being snapped up by Christchurch’s top companies, with some students being in the enviable position of receiving interest from several firms at once.

CPIT's Architectural Studies tutor Belfiore Bologna says there has been “a huge amount of interest from the industry” about this year’s graduates.

The majority of the 35 graduates from this year’s architectural course now had jobs, Bologna says.

“That’s a great result and much higher than we usually see. It’s very pleasing.”

Late last month CPIT’s third year students showcased their innovative design works at EXIT, a design exhibition run as part of the Creative Festival.

One of those whose work stood out was CPIT graduating student Alexandra Smith. Smith, 22, won the award for the top academic student based on her marks over the duration of her three year bachelor degree programme.

After graduating, Smith received interest from several of Christchurch’s top architecture firms.

“They invited me to come into their office and talk to them. It was very flattering and exciting,” she says.

Architectural studies student 

“Architecture is really interesting in Christchurch at the moment because of the rebuild. There is a lot going on and more opportunities than before. We’re really lucky.”

Smith had taken up an offer working for architect Max Capocaccia, owner of MC Architecture Studio, over the summer.

“I met Max and I was really excited by his passion and drive for architecture. He cares about design rather than just money. It’s been really great to get some actual experience and do some hands on work.”

Cappocaccia says Smith was “very talented”.

 “I was very interested in Alex’s approach to architecture. Her design work really struck a chord with me so I made an offer for her to work here.”

Despite the demand for CPIT graduates, some students, including Smith, had decided to further her studies by completing a master’s degree in Auckland.

“It’s been a hard decision for many of us whether to continue study or to take up an opportunity in Christchurch because there is so much going on.”