CPIT Youth Guarantee work donated to New Brighton

CPIT Youth Guarantee work donated to New Brighton

 New Brighton residents visiting the Positive Directions Trust will now be welcomed into a cosy and inviting space, thanks to the donation of a sleep out built by CPIT Youth Guarantee carpentry and joinery students.

Trust general manager Phil Tikao said the sleep out will make a difference to those accessing the trust's social development services for the first time.

"We have two halls, which cost quite a lot to heat and are used for different purposes. We haven't really had a space for one-on-one interviewing. So we will use the sleep out for talking to people and counselling.

"It's so good to be the recipient. We're a charitable trust. We are very much community based. Since the earthquakes nearly 2500 people have utilised out services – from fresh water and food delivery to employment, volunteering in the community and community patrols."

Happy recipient: Positive Directions Trust general manager Phil Tikao, standing outside the sleep out donated to his social development organisation by CPIT Trades and built by Youth Guarantee students.

Phil Tikao is a founding member of Positive Directions Trust, with an extensive back-ground in social development, youth work and alternative education. For the last 16 years he has worked with the trust to identify social needs and create practical solutions.

The sleep out was built during term one by the Youth Guarantee students, a youth pathway programme that enables 15 to 19 year olds to start training for a career. CPIT carpentry tutor Phil Burns said building the sleep out had been invaluable experience for his students.

"Along with skills on the hand-tools and carpentry and joinery training, it has taught them to work towards a common purpose and given them a sense of contributing something that will benefit real people. It's the opposite of an academic exercise really and that's what these students really relate to – learning by doing."