CPIT graduates in hot demand

CPIT graduates in hot demand

Information and Communication Technology is one of the hottest careers around and CPIT is at the forefront of training those for employment in this area.

Josh Klazinga, 22, is living proof of the demand for CPIT graduates. Klazinga only finished his Bachelor of ICT degree at the end of last year and now he is working as a developer and team leader for the Wynyard Group.

 “I did my internship with Wynyard Group through CPIT and as soon as I finished they asked me to join the business full-time.”

Klazinga says working in IT can be very lucrative.

“The starting rate is pretty high, especially compared to some other fields. That’s not why I do it though; I love my job,” he says.

“When I finished school I wanted to do something with computing and business and I decided on CPIT because it had such a good rate of employment after graduating. I’m very glad I did.”

He encourages others to enrol to study in the field.

“There’s a real shortage of people to work in IT which is why the pay is so high. We need a lot more people.”

Fellow CPIT graduate Liam Blackett, who completed his Diploma in Computer Networking in 2012, is working for Allied Telesis.

The twenty-two year old says he found it easy to get a job thanks to his CPIT connections.

“Partway through my second year I learnt that a Christchurch based company which designs cutting edge high performance networking equipment was looking for staff in the area I was studying,” he says.

“I expressed my interest, got an interview and was hired. I started almost straight away, working half-time while finishing my full-time study at CPIT. Once I finished study I was taken on full time. ”

Blackett believes there are many opportunities in the field, particularly in Christchurch.  

“CPIT provides very good training and those skills will be in demand during the Christchurch rebuild.”