CPIT graduate aims for Gold

CPIT graduate aims for Gold

In 2010, Scott Martlew had everything going for him; he was a bright student and a successful rugby player.

But a blow to his leg during a rugby match for Shirley Boys’ High School left him fighting for his life. As his body tried to fight off bacteria in his blood, his condition deteriorated. His leg was amputated to save his life.

Four years later, Martlew has turned his tragedy into a success story, becoming a talented para-canoeist. The talented 21-year-old is competing against top able-bodied canoeists and he's well on his way to representing New Zealand in para-canoeing at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

“I had to reteach myself how to paddle again [but] once I got in the boat it was good,” Martlew says.

“It made me realise you’ve only got one life and you’ve just got to do whatever you want to do in the time you’ve got.”

Scott Martlew

His amazing story will be featured in a documentary by Attitude TV on Sunday at 8.30am.

In between training with alongside some of the most successful rowers in the country, Martlew completed studies at CPIT.

“I've completed a two year diploma in Quantity Surveying and still have a few papers to finish off at some stage to get the diploma in Construction Management.”

He is working 20 hours a week at Downer Constructions and will return to CPIT to complete his diploma when training eases up.

“I didn't have time to fit in the extra papers this year but most probably next.”