CPIT computers donated to local children

CPIT computers donated to local children

CPIT’s old ICT stock is making a difference to children’s lives in Christchurch.

Some 50 computers have been donated to St Vincent de Paul, which is running a programme to supply computers to disadvantaged children.

“We find that children who are given homework to do on the computer, if they don’t have a computer at home they are embarrassed, then they become disengaged and we all know what happens then,” Richard Patrick, who is running the scheme at St Vincent de Paul, said.

To help keep disadvantaged children interested and participating in school the donated home computers are loaded with Open Office, an encyclopaedia, the Gruffalo story and other activities to encourage computer exploration. Potential recipients are identified while food parcels are being delivered and by referral.

CPIT ICT Director Mark Marshall said the arrangement works well for CPIT. “We have the confidence of knowing that St Vincent is putting our computers to good use. Our out-dated stock is not worth selling and would cost money to dispose of. Although these computers no longer suit our purposes they are perfectly fine for children to learn on. The St Vincent team have good technical capability so they take the computers and screens away, service them and then find them good homes.”

CPIT’s Campus Connect has reported that parents of some of the children who received computers have enrolled in Computing for Free programmes to upskill and support their children’s learning.


Caption:  Nick McQueen from ICT with equipment to be donated to St Vincent de Paul.