Cultural diversity celebrated at CPIT

Cultural diversity celebrated at CPIT

On Wednesdays between 17 August and 7 September, CPIT's Polyculture festival brings colour, movement, sounds and food to the CPSA and Rakaia Atrium.

Japanese drumming, Middle Eastern bellydancing, capoeira and breakdancing were all popular performances last year. “It’s a very colourful event and it celebrates our diversity,” International Director Beth Knowles says. “There are always a few surprises too, when staff and students reveal amazing hidden talents. Last year someone from finance turned out to be a fabulous Latin dancer – no one had any idea what they did in their spare time.”

The festival gives international students and staff the chance to share their culture and this year, more than ever, we will be looking forward to the glamour and cultural talent on show.

Polyculture is from 12 noon to 1pm Wednesdays from 17 August.

Wednesday 17 August (Atrium): Opening Ceremony, Maori/Pasifika and African day

 Wednesday 24 August (CPSA): Asian Day

Wednesday 31 August (CPSA): European/American day

Wednesday 7 September (CPSA): Middle Eastern day