CPIT Aoraki South Canterbury Campuses get IT Upgrade

CPIT Aoraki South Canterbury Campuses get IT Upgrade

ICT Upgrade in South Canterbury 

ICT Service Analyst Ollie Wall unloads a computer destined for CPIT Aoraki's South Canterbury campuses

CPIT Aoraki's South Canterbury campuses have started the year running with new computers and a 20 times increase in internet capacity.

The IT upgrade comes as part of CPIT Aoraki's work to provide enhanced services to staff and students for education throughout the Canterbury region. It promises to provide students with a more responsive learning experience and will provide support for innovative teaching approaches such as blended delivery and flexible learning.

"The upgrade ensures better connectivity within the organisation and will assist in course delivery and management," CPIT Aoraki ICT Director Mark Marshall says.

As part of the upgrade South Canterbury campuses have received 360 new computers, with all old computer monitors being replaced.

"When staff and students get back to campus every single computer will be brand new," says Marshall.

The upgrade also means that staff and students have additional access to specialist software and computer systems to assist with their studies.

"Formerly student and staff at the South Canterbury campuses only had access to around 90 software products, they will now get a complete suite of up to 450 software products, supporting all of our new courses," Marshall says.

In addition to new software and hardware the upgrade also includes increased internet access and internet speeds. Wireless access has been improved at all campuses while the Oamaru campus has received WiFi for the first time.

"Any student or staff member can now log onto the CPIT Aoraki computer system at any of the campuses," Marshall says.

The upgrade includes the installation of 40 new CISCO network switches which are used to connect computers into a network which then connects to the internet. The network switches are the industrial equivalent of an internet router used at home. The new network switches enable the organisation to increase capacity at the South Canterbury campuses from 100Mbs to 2Gs, while standard home broadband internet connections have a speed of 10Mbs.

The internet upgrade also aims to increase system security.

"The network switches report system status to us so we can pro-actively resolve problems quickly and the campuses all link to an off-site data centre, so if one campus goes offline, the rest of the system will remain unaffected," Marshall says.

The upgrade is part of the transition implementation for the new organisation CPIT Aoraki.