Chinese exchange a dream come true

Chinese exchange a dream come true

CPIT graduate Jane Amornsirinapha hopes an upcoming exchange to China will help her achieve her dream of becoming a professional translator.

Jane, 26, has just completed her Diploma in Chinese Language at CPIT. She already speaks Thai, her mother tongue, English and Japanese, but felt she needed to add another language to her repertoire.

“I love to learn different languages and cultures of our international society. Chinese is now becoming more and more utilized at an international level, just as much as English is, so I decided to learn Chinese at CPIT.” 

She described the CPIT Chinese course as “wonderful.”

“It was very practical and the second half of the year was quite challenging, which I loved. I am impressed at how much we have learnt in this short period of time.”

When one of her tutors informed her of a 10 month scholarship to study in China, she jumped at the opportunity.

“I became instantly interested. I have also been on a Japanese exchange as soon as I finished high school seven years ago and it was amazing,” she says.


“I will have an awesome opportunity to be in an environment where I need to speak in Mandarin not only on a daily basis, but hourly.”

Jane will spend the next five months studying Shanghai and then a further five months in in Lanzhou City. She will spend another month exploring other parts of China and learn about Chinese history. 

 “I am looking forward to new challenges the most. Being in a country full of Chinese speaking people, I will be able to learn and adapt to their language and culture,” Jane says.

“I find this is the best way to learn and also you become appreciative of others as you will need to depend on others as well as yourself to survive. It is a great way to find oneself and a good way to gain new experiences.” 

After completing her exchange, Jane hopes to pursue her dream of working in the translating business.

“I could be anywhere in the world, yet be able to communicate. I also want to continue to grow my knowledge on China; language is a great way to learn about its speakers and history.”