Bottles, bags and blackboards – Eco Showcase arrives at CPIT

Bottles, bags and blackboards – Eco Showcase arrives at CPIT

Outdoor Education and Sustainability students endeavoured to make the world a better place today by showcasing their third year projects to inspire other students to change their behaviour.

The first Eco Showcase at CPIT was held in the Rakaia Centre at lunchtime and organisers are determined that the event will become an important annual fixture on the CPIT calendar.

“College is a critical point in the development of health habits and overall wellbeing,” said the showcase organiser and project creator Libby Hamilton. Along with health benefits, her project, Meatless Monday, lists reducing carbon footprint, minimising water use and reducing fuel dependence as benefits for the planet when people cut meat from the diet one day a week.


Outdoor Education and Sustainability students Rishab Mansata and Verena Moschitz helped Phillipstown School children make instruments out of recycled junk for their third year project.  

Another project launched a petition to ban plastic bottled water on campus, with a dramatic poster series ‘What is the Real Price of Bottled Water?’ Other students worked with Governor’s Bay School’s senior class to learn more about plastic bags use and to create alternatives to plastic bags. A project with Phillipstown School created an orchestra from recycled items such as bottles and tins. The School of Food and Hospitality’s rooftop beehives, a software tool to measure CO2 emissions in steel production and an outdoor blackboard where the CPIT community can share thoughts and feelings were also showcased at the event.

The Outdoor Education and Sustainability degree programme is the only degree of its kind in the southern hemisphere and focuses on education as a key to change with the outdoors as powerful medium to learn in.