CPIT international students lend their voice to ASEAN

CPIT international students lend their voice to ASEAN

Two CPIT students have been chosen to take part in a prestigious international educational event to be held in Wellington August 11-12. 

Student ambassadors Jessica Pelayo of the Philippines and Putu Tasya Sanjivani Oka of Indonesia are part of a select group of only 30 international students invited to attend the fourth annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the ASEAN Student Voice 2015 event.

Lending their voice:  International studentsJessica Pelayo of the Philippines and Putu Tasya Sanjivani Oka of Indonesia will represent CPIT at the ASEAN Student Voice 2015 event.

Hosted by Education New Zealand, the event would focus on the aims and objectives of ASEAN, which advocates living in peace, stability and prosperity, in a partnership of dynamic economic development within a caring community and society, Education New Zealand scholarships coordinator Pip Climo said.

"Student Voice 2015 will bring together a cohort of students from ASEAN countries, currently studying in New Zealand, to share their experiences of being an international student. They will collaborate with New Zealand students in a programme that celebrates the many relationships and connections between our countries."

CPIT was the only tertiary institute asked to send two representatives from the 18 institutions from around New Zealand that applied for places. Both women are bachelor students, Sanjivani Oka in the third year of her applied management degree and Pelayo in year two of her information and communication technologies studies.

"I was so excited to hear that I'd been chosen," Pelayo said.

"I've been in New Zealand for a few years and because I came with family, I've had it easier than most international students, and I want to help others feel more at home here and to build- up contacts."

Both women belong to cultural and social groups. Pelayo, 20 recently formed a Filipino Student Group at CPIT and Sanjivani Oka, 19, is involved in the Canterbury Indonesian Student Association.

"I believe as an international students we have all experienced similar challenges, for example, adapting to a new country, accepting and blending into a new culture, dealing with homesickness while trying to stick to goals, so I'm really interested to learn how other students deal with these problems and solve them," Sanjivani Oka said. 

ASEAN was established in 1967, and this year is also the 40th anniversary of New Zealand joining the organisational. Other member countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, along with Australia and Japan. The event will be attended by ASEAN and New Zealand government representatives, business and the education industry in New Zealand. Sessions will include inspirational speakers, a Q&A session with the ASEAN Heads of Mission (ambassadors) and tips and tools to building on the skills and experiences international students have gained in New Zealand.

CPIT's business development and international director Beth Knowles said the selection of two student ambassadors was an excellent result for the institute.

"It's a good indication of the calibre of our international students."