All girls tech group for CPIT

All girls tech group for CPIT

CPIT’s tech-loving females are banding together to create a place where women studying ICT can support each other.

Second year Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology student Catherine Northcott has founded a group to bring together women studying ICT.

The ‘CPIT Tech Girls’ aim to create a friendly female community to help support, connect, and promote women in ICT both at CPIT and in the wider community.

Northcott, 20, created the group at the beginning of March as a place for female students at CPIT studying computing or taking technology related classes to meet and support each other.

“I’d always been passionate about women in computing and I thought CPIT needed a group for women at CPIT studying technology.”

The Tech Girls group currently has 27 members and Northcott has been doing all she can to promote the group and find others who are keen to join.

“We want anyone who is studying anything to do with ICT or who has an interest in the area to get in touch.”

Tech girl group in meeting

So far, the group has met for social coffees and will soon start up group study sessions.

Group member Jo Beck, 29, says she has found the group to be “a great support network”.

“Girls study differently to guys so it can be great to get together and talk it through. It’s really nice to be able to talk to similar people when we are so outnumbered by men in many of our classes.”

Fellow Tech Girl Cecile Rasmussen, 44, says the group is also about breaking down stereotypes.

“You can be feminine and wear a skirt and study ICT. We want to challenge some of those concepts people have and encourage other women to study in this area. ”

The group has big plans including bringing in inspirational speakers, providing scholarships, hosting educational events and starting a mentoring programme.

“There are a lot of plans and ideas which is very exciting. There'll be a lot of change and growth here in the coming weeks so watch this space,” Northcott says.

“We want to create a legacy for future girls studying at CPIT,” Rasmussen says.

For more information on CPIT Tech Girls email or visit the Facebook group.