Health and wellbeing

We have expertise across a variety of health related fields including, nursing, medical imaging, midwifery, nutrition and sports science.

Our staff carries out strategic national and international research with industry to create innovative solutions.

We're involved in:

  • workforce development with community and acute care health service providers which our partners can translate into practice led by Dr Isabel Jamieson
  • research with practice nurses, public health nurses, and caring for people with mental health issues and/or disability nurses led by Dr Kaye Milligan, Margaret Hughes, Mel Linert-Brown and Dr Isabel Jamieson
  • connecting and collaborating with other educational providers in clinical placements and internships led by Heather Josland
  • supporting communites in earthquakes Raewyn Tudor, Ada Campbell.
  • Sustainable midwifery practice Lorna Davies
  • Midwifery education and practice Julie Richards and Mary Kensington, especially in rural areas

We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which our expertise, resources and networks may help you. For more information please contact Dr Margaret Leonard.

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