Global Education Skills Alliance (GESA)

Banner showing the launch for GESA

Ara is proud to be part of the Global Education Skills Alliance (GESA), a multinational not-for-profit education consortium with life changing and career goals at its forefront.

As a founding member of GESA, Ara officially launched the GESA initiative to its industry and community stakeholders in Christchurch during May 2013, and successfully hosted the inaugural Board Meeting in August 2013. In addition to Ara, GESA founding member institutions include the following leading technical vocational education and training (TVET) institutions in Australia and the USA:

GESA aims to provide fulfilling futures for students, graduates and staff of Education Members through scholarships, internships, work placement, curriculum improvements and study abroad opportunities. 

By strengthening strategic partnerships locally and globally, GESA leads an authentic global learning experience where students will benefit from greater opportunities to travel and study.

For more information visit the Global Education Skills Alliance website.