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Image of Roger Boyce's work on display at ArtBox.
28 Feb 2013

What an amazing turnout to last night’s opening of our very first ArtBox exhibition! We had a great crowd of supporters come to see what ArtBox was about and to celebrate the opening of a new venue for art in our reviving city centre. People seemed genuinely impressed and excited about what has been achieved so far and where we are going. Thanks so much to all of you who came along to be a part of this important project for rebuilding our city’s heart.

And now the party’s over it’s time to get down to business! In order to keep the art spaces running we need volunteer help – could that be you? This is a great opportunity for people to become involved in the arts, meet like-minded people and be part of rebuilding Christchurch - and you get a free T shirt! We have four two hour slots per day that need to be staffed over six days a week. If you can spare even just two hours a week then please follow this link to our volunteer management service and add your name to the growing list.

Finally I need to tell you about the raffle. We are giving away tickets to the first 200 people to come to the ArtBox to see our first exhibition featuring awesome work by Roger Boyce, Joanna Braithwaite and Ronnie can Hout. We have a gorgeous prize of two art works - one by Philip Trusttum and the other by Miranda Parkes. They are framed back to back so you can choose which to show depending on your mood. If you missed last night’s launch then get on down soon to be in to win. The draw will be held at the next opening on April 10 and the only caveat is that you have to be there to collect the prize on the night.

If you want to talk about volunteering please get in touch soon.



31 Mar 2013 4:07am I'm not sure how useful it could be, to teach them a viosern of the language no one uses anymore. They were talking about the books and not the films (Beowulf being the animated and rather annoying to watch film with Angelina Jolie as a beautiful and beguiling witch and the Canterbury Tales being the old black and white film about a chap who throws sticky stuff into girls' hair (the film claims it is glue, before you ask). That film has quaint pictures of the Downs but also an annoying American GI who keeps saying "Can o' berry" for Canterbury. I was disappointed he wasn't shot before the end of the film.


09 Apr 2013 4:19am Hi,The photo of the Cathedral looks to me like it was taken late 1950s. Judging by the clothes on pelpoe and the bus. I was born in Christchurch and have fond memories of visiting the Cathedral, putting a present under the very large Christmas tree in the Cathedral. My father was a choir boy there, around 1920.Margaret.

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