About ArtBox

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The ArtBox consists of 18 individual ArtBox modules configured as four separate buildings, previously located on the Madras and St Asaph streets - the old Southlander Tavern and Jetset Lounge site. The precinct was envisioned to remain on this site for up to five years.

During this time, the precinct buildings have been used as a public gallery and Christchurch Art Gallery educational spaces.

Supporting Canterbury's workforce

Ara students will be actively engaged in the day to day operations of ArtBox, taking up roles such as operations managers, project managers and promotional personnel in the final years of their degrees.

Our support of local employment, the community and our economy is further reinforced by our philosophy to build the structural modules, cladding, floor, roof panels and even foundations here in Canterbury.

ArtBox is also committed to using only New Zealand made or manufactured products, including:

  • New Zealand Steel
  • Recycled cladding and flooring
  • New Zealand plywood