Michael Down

Image of michael down

Michael Down studied a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering specialising in electrical engineering at CPIT (now Ara Institute of Canterbury) and enjoyed it so much he came back to go onto a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree.

Michael chose Ara because of the programme's great reputation and his personal interests in electronics.

His studies prepared him for his career path not only by the theory and practical skills he received whilst studying.

"The kind of things I learnt  weren't just the theory or the practical skills which both are immensely great on their own. I also learnt how to think critically and relate all aspects of life to [the] fundamentals in engineering."

The highlight of his programme was his final year project which he had to design and produce over the course of the year.

Michael currently works for Tait Electronics as a Global Technical Development Programme Trainee. He was offered a job promptly after completing his New Zealand Diploma in Engineering. Michael thanks Ara for the employment opportunity at Tait Electronics because during his time studying he was introduced to a network of industry experts including his current employer.