Tips for getting through stressful study moments

Ruth Johnson

We have all been there, that moment of panic the night before an exam or an essay is due. It's three in the morning, you realise you know nothing and you start to doubt you will make it through. Being the leave-it-till-the-last-minute kind of girl I am, I have been in this situation numerous times throughout the course of my degree and so I feel I can share some wisdom.

As unproductive as it sounds my biggest advice is taking a break. Your frazzled anxious mind will be pretty useless so take five. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, do some exercise, read a book; do anything that will settle your mind and help you think clearer. None of us can run on an empty tank so take some time to refuel.

Another tip is make little goals for yourself. Getting to the finish line may feel like an impossible task so make small achievable goals like finishing a paragraph by a certain time. Focusing on the end product usually just stresses you out so instead focus your mind on the next step to getting there.

Good luck and ace those assignments!

Harjit Kumar

Chunk tasks
Big assignments/essays can be broken down into smaller parts, which are much easier to tackle individually. You will also feel more accomplished when you complete numerous small tasks.

Handwrite it on paper
Instead of typing, handwrite out notes for better retention.

Move locations
Change your study locations. It helps me to freshen my mind whenever it lags or whenever I lose motivation.

Take a walking break
I take a walk break after 2 hours or sometimes 1 and a half hours. It help me to concentrate again for another 2 hours or so.

Make a group
Study in group of 2 or 3. It helps a lot. You are more likely to stick to the task if you see your mates are also working on it.

Avoid procrastinating
Breaking up tasks won't do you much good if you keep everything for the last minute.