Ruth Johnson on making the best application to study

Making the best application to study here is all about showing off who you are. For the most part, the people reading your application have no idea who you are and if there is no interview for the course you are applying for, this is the only chance you have to show who you are as a person and why you would be a great applicant. So, you are going to have to sell yourself, don't let your fear of seeming "up yourself" stop you from talking about your achievements and strengths. If you are applying for NASDA and you have won lots of dancing awards, let them know that. Don't hold back on your greatness!

Your application is important so don't rush it. Take the time to do every part of it, and every part well. Ensure before you hand it in that you have included everything that is required. It would be a shame to not get in just because you missed some piece of information so make a checklist of all the documents required and make sure to tick them all off right before you hand it in.

Oh, and last thing, GOOD LUCK!