Mitchell Alexander on exciting moments throughout his studies

I am currently in my first year at the New Zealand Broadcasting School studying a Bachelor of Broadcast Communications - Broadcast Journalism. Through this I've been able to secure several work experience opportunities.

I'm very interested in politics and how the news media deal with reporting it. I've had work experience with Radio New Zealand in the Press Gallery earlier this year which I loved. Going on caucus run, listening to question time and rubbing shoulders with some of our country's most influential people was certainly enthralling which I hope to do again. My Radio New Zealand experience gave me a taste of what the Press Gallery is like and I'd love the opportunity to experience more.

I've just finished five weeks working in a radio newsroom producing news for hourly bulletins, which was very exciting. I have learnt how to cope with deadlines and the stress that comes with it. Learning the fundamentals of newsgathering was incredibly important making me feel comfortable calling people and interviewing face to face. It taught me a great deal about what it takes to be a journalist in today's evolving media industry.

The industry is incredibly exciting and with the help and guidance of CPIT I can follow my ambitions and goals.