Mark Reyes and his favourite thing to do around CPIT

Hi, my name is Mark Reyes and this is my favourite thing to do around CPIT and Christchurch.

My favourite thing to do around CPIT and Christchurch is to play basketball. Most of my free time is spent playing basketball either at CPIT or nearby parks, playgrounds and sport centres around Christchurch. I play basketball to unwind, forget about problems, have fun, keep fit, and hang out with friends.

Three of the most frequent areas I always play basketball at is the Hereford playground located on Hereford Street, Graham Condon sports centre located at Northlands in Papanui and CPIT's recreation centre. There are many reasons why I always visit these areas but I will only mention the top few.

The top reasons why I always visit these areas is because of the familiarity, atmosphere, the fun, and the people I interact with. I mentioned familiarity because since moving to Christchurch I have always been playing in the areas mentioned above. Atmosphere is because for some reason I always feel satisfied while playing in these areas. The fun always comes from playing basketball. And last but not the least is the thrill that comes from meeting new people and personalities and the fact that I get to interact with them and get to know them while playing the sport that we all love.