Hannah Dunstan's O house experience

You want to know the first thing that entered my mind as I got in the car to head to Christchurch? Shoes. Yep at a time like that I instantly started second-guessing my choice of footwear. I put it down to nerves and anticipation. The whole of year 13 I was so eager to get out of little old Geraldine and now the time had come and to be honest I really didn't know what to expect.

As soon as I got to O-house I felt so at home. Everyone there was going through the same thing I was so we soon found things we had in common. The first night was daunting and the noise compared to Geraldine was incredible but within a week I'd become a city slicker and the buzz of the central city soon became the norm.

During my 5 months in Christchurch I've made so many awesome friends and done so many awesome things - Like going to the rugby games, road tripping with the flatties to the cookie time factory ($20 well spent) and going to Orana park, just to name a few. Now I don't ever want leave!

The vibe and the people are so amazing. I can't imagine studying anywhere else now. CPIT has it all - awesome courses and lecturers, an amazing social life with the friendliest people and so much support. I know it's cheesy but it really is a home away from home.