Hannah Dunstan on what surprised her about CPIT

Life is full of surprises. For most of us just being accepted into a course at CPIT was the most amazing surprise of all!

It's often said that the best relationships form unexpectedly and this is true at CPIT. You have friends and support people all around you without even realising. Lecturers know my name and my background and are ready to help whenever I need it.

When I pictured life at CPIT I imagined getting lost in the crowd. I imagined that lecturers would be unfriendly and passing assignments and exams would be nearly impossible. To my surprise it was quite the opposite. The staff are so helpful and they become valuable support people in your progressing career. They go above and beyond to make sure you succeed in your chosen course.

For me, I was surprised at just how many close friends and colleagues I would form while studying. In a class of 90 people it is reassuring to know that all 90 of those people would give me advice and support if I needed it. I pictured us competing but instead we help each other succeed. Everyone needs supportive people in their lives and at CPIT sometimes what you're looking for comes when you're not looking at all!