Hannah Dunstan on being new to CPIT

So you're new to CPIT huh? Don't worry we've all been there!

And as you will soon find out being a tertiary student is not like the movies. Yes there is a lot of fun to be had but there is also work to be done!

At first being a student can seem daunting, friends to make, things to learn and most importantly finding your way around campus. All of these things are important but at CPIT this is all made easy. Small class sizes are great, you will find that there is a real sense of community spirit. Embrace this by grabbing some of your class mates and get involved in all of the welcome week activities. Get to know your tutors and the students ahead of you, study requires hard work but it also requires knowledge and they're the people who will be able to answer your essential questions. As for finding your way around campus you will find maps situated at every major block.

The easiest way to find out this information is to ask the wonderful staff in the atrium, they are always happy to help.

Relax and have fun. These will be some of the best years of your life and most importantly being a student at CPIT will help you get your dream job in the future!