Hannah Dunstan and her interview tips

Auditioning or being interviewed can be a really daunting thing. It's your one chance to impress your potential employer and make your personality and skills shine. Often it's a difficult balancing act between being not confident enough or being over confident. The trick is to be yourself and be engaging without trying too hard to impress. These 5 simple tips can help you get there.

Unsure what to wear?
Research what the current employees are expected to wear and then go an extra 10% more dressy.

Know your stuff.
Potential employers will be dazzled if you know a lot about who the company is, what they do and what their goals are.

Match your skills.
Figure out what they are looking for and match up your skills. They want to know that you have skills that will benefit them.

Body language is key.
Open and welcoming posture with lots of eye contact! Don't slouch, fold your arms or talk to the desk. By using positive body language you will look friendly and confident.

Practice makes perfect.
Google common interview questions for your chosen job and brainstorm answers. Get your family and friends to ask you them and practice giving your reply. That way when it comes to the interview or audition you won't be caught off guard.