Gabriella Kuhns and what surprised her about CPIT

Gabriella Kuhns v2

The variety of courses

I knew CPIT had a great reputation in the workforce but I had no idea how many courses they offer (over 150)! Each course is tailored to what the industry is looking for and if CPIT see a gap in the programmes they offer, they will endeavour to create new, industry recognized courses, like mine! Human Nutrition is one of the newer courses and I am in the fourth intake of this degree. It's pretty exciting to watch our programme grow.

The support from the teachers

The tutors let you know early on that they are there help you succeed.

If you're struggling to understand an assignment or even the reasons why we've been assigned a topic, the tutors are there to answer your questions. They are open and available to talk about pretty much anything and they are excited to watch their student's succeed.

I mattered

At CPIT, I am no longer a body in a lecture hall or a number on an exam. I am a person who has good days and bad days and the tutors recognize that. Tutors at CPIT want us to grow as students and as adults and there is so much support to help you reach your goals. I know that with the help of my lecturers and classmates, I will make an impact in my field and I am so excited to share my adventures with them.