Amy Cullimore on why she chose nursing

Many people ask me why I chose nursing for my career, they ask why I want to be around blood, why I want to do shift work and why I wash "old people" all the time – and just to clear it up, this is not what nursing is all about. The easiest way to describe my choice is because nursing is exciting and unpredictable.

The most exciting skill I've learnt so far in my nursing training would be giving injections. I will always remember walking into class, being shown a powerpoint on how to give injections then practising on my classmates! Yes it was quite daunting at the start! And I thank my wonderful friends who feared for their life that day! But seriously it was really exciting learning in-depth skills that not many other people have the opportunity to learn.

My second week of my surgical placement this year I would say was more interesting than exciting. i cared for a patient who had been diagnosed with a rare life-threatening disease that is estimated to affect one in a million people in the world! It was a huge learning curve for me nursing a surgical patient let alone one with a rare disease which only one doctor on the ward knew about.

Walking into the ward knowing that everything can change within a split second is what ultimately makes nursing exciting.  Nursing is unpredictable and rewarding and that is why I want to further it as a career!

Amy Cullimore, 2B CPIT Nursing Student