Te Rā Whakawhiwhi Tohu Graduation

Ara holds four graduation ceremonies a year.

For the Southern Campuses the ceremony is held in mid February. As part of the graduation celebration there is a street parade for staff and graduands at 11.00am through the centre of Timaru followed by the graduation ceremony at the Southern Trust Events Centre at 2.00pm.

For the Christchurch campuses there are three ceremonies – two in March and one in September.

The two graduation ceremonies in March are for the following Departments:

A morning ceremony for Trades, Humanities, Science and Primary Industries, Engineering & Architectural Studies, Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Departments.

An afternoon ceremony for Computing, Creative Industries, Business and Hospitality and Service Industries Departments.

The September graduation is for all Departments.

The auditorium in the Christchurch Town Hall will be the venue for our 2019 ceremonies. The ceremonies will be preceded by street parades from the Arts Centre to the Town Hall.

Graduation guides

For full details of the ceremonies - what you need to do to apply to graduate at your ceremony, the cost of regalia hire, venue details, guest tickets etc will be posted in our graduation guides (separate guides for Timaru and Christchurch graduations) prior to you receiving an email notifying you that you are eligible to graduate.

Closer to the time of the next graduation ceremony a graduation guide will be posted with all the information you need to know about your ceremony.

Dates of future ceremonies:

Christchurch Graduations

September 20 2019
March 27 2020
September 18 2020
March 26 2021
September 17 2021
March 25 2022
September 16 2022
March 31 2023
September 15 2023

Timaru Graduations

February 13 2020
February 18 2021
February 17 2022
February 16 2023
February 15 2024

Graduation regalia

As part of the formal graduation ceremony you are required to wear Ara regalia.

This can be hired, through Ara from the Federation of Graduate Women. The regalia items, the cost of hiring them, how to order them and where and when to collect them are all outlined in the graduation guide. A $20 deposit is included in the price which is refunded on return of the regalia.

Online streaming

If your friends or family are unable to attend your graduation, our graduation ceremonies for Christchurch are all streamed live on the Ara website on the day.