Fire safety procedures

Before an alarm sounds

Familiarise yourself with the following:

  • The position of the local fire alarm call points.
  • The position of fire extinguishers and hose reels in the building. Have a close look at the equipment and know how to operate it.
  • The location of the fire evacuation points
  • Make sure all exit ways are kept clear at all times.
  • Ensure that smoke stop doors are not wedged open.
  • Report to the Building Warden (will be wearing a dayglo jacket) at the fire panel. Detail any hazards the Emergency Services may face, ie dangerous goods, chemicals.
  • Hot Work Permits must be obtained from the property supervisor before commencement of hot work.
  • Isolation of fire detection systems may be necessary before work involving heat, smoke, steam, engine exhaust or dust is commenced. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required unless otherwise agreed.
  • Ara will seek costs where a false alarm is triggered by a contractor not following these procedures.

Reviewed 2016