Contractor responsibilities

Contractor health and safety performance will be evaluated routinely

The Property Supervisor or Health and Safety Manager reserves the right to stop work where the above requirements are not followed or where health and safety concerns are not adequately addressed.


The Contractor will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that people in the place of work, including the public, are not harmed by any hazard that is or arises in the place of work.


The Contractor may be requested to submit a safety plan to the Health and Safety Manager before commencing work, which will include the methods for identifying, assessing and controlling hazards, which the Contractor is going to follow.

The contractor is required, during the course of the contract, to comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations (including the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Resource Management Act, and Fire and Safety Evacuation of Building Regulations), local Bylaws and District Plan requirements, relevant New Zealand Codes of Practice and any health and safety requirements of Ara.


Unless otherwise agreed, it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure all building permits, approvals and legal authorities to commence have been met.


The contractor may not commence work until the required building permits and approvals have been obtained.


The Contractor must ensure, and may be required to demonstrate, that all site personnel and subcontractors are properly trained in the safe use of plant and equipment and that they are either adequately experienced or are supervised by an experienced person in order to carry out safely the tasks that they have been assigned.


All contractors' plant shall be suitable for purpose and users adequately trained. Electrical appliances shall have been tested in compliance with AS/NZS 3760:2001


The contractor will be fully responsible for supervising site personnel and subcontractors to ensure that they strictly adhere to all applicable safety requirements. In the Contractor's absence from the site, another person is to be assigned in charge of meeting the designated safety requirements.


Unannounced safety checks may be carried out by the Contract Supervisor or the Health and Safety Manager at Ara or agent, while work is in progress. The Contractor shall allow these persons access, at any time, to plant, equipment, personnel and records when requested, to enable Ara to inspect or audit any aspect of the Contractor's operations relevant to meeting health and safety requirements.


The Contractor, including all site personnel and subcontractors, will comply with the following requirements:- 

  • Contractors vehicles may only park in designated areas or as otherwise previously agree. Failure may result in vehicle removal. Vehicles are not to exceed site speed limits of 10kph.
  • Contractors and staff, who are not preferred service providers, must sign in through Facilities Management at the commencement of each visit.
  • Smoking is not permitted on any Ara controlled property, or during arranged activities.
  • Personal protective equipment where applicable, shall be used and worn in accordance with good safe practice: this equipment must be well maintained to the appropriate standard.
  • Good housekeeping standards are to be observed throughout the period of work, both at the work site area and in and around any temporary buildings; the working area shall be kept tidy with escape exits and other access ways kept clear; any spillage shall be contained and cleared up in a timely and safe manner.
  • Work areas shall be clearly marked and cordoned off to prevent risk of harm to employees at Ara, students or any other person.
  • An appropriate first aid kit will be provided and maintained.
  • Use of broadcast band radios is not permitted on Ara premises unless authorised by the Contract Supervisor.
  • Use of language and/or gestures towards staff, students or visitors on the premises that may be of an objectionable nature will not tolerated.
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum when working near teaching areas. Noisy activities should be programmed into times when student disturbance will be limited.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the contractor will provide 'as built' drawings where significant building or infra structure modifications have been completed.


The Contractor is required to report any accident to the Health and Safety Manager as soon as practically possible after the event and to provide the Health and Safety Manager with a written copy of the entry from the Contractor's register of accidents  in respect of any accident that harmed any person within 48 hours of the event. The Contractor will notify worksafe of any notifiable event as soon as possible after its occurrence.


The Contractor, in accepting work at Ara, undertakes to comply with any direction of the Contract Supervisor in relation to the implementation of the "reasonably practicable steps" requirement contained in the Health and Safety at Work Act to ensure that employees of the Contractor including any subcontractors; employees or students of Ara; or any other person in not harmed by the Contractor's activities on Ara premises under this contract. Failure to comply with this provision, or any other significant breach of these requirements, will constitute grounds for dismissing the Contractor.

Reviewed 2016