Accident and incident reporting


Notifiable Event

  • Immediately dial 9999 (or 1-111) and detail assistance required.
  • Notify the Health and Safety Manager on 0275408370. If he is not available, advise Grant McPhail, Director of Facilities Management. 0275408011.
  • Do not disturb the accident scene except to save life, prevent further injury or to relieve suffering of the injured party.
  • The Health and Safety Manager will advise worksafe if necessary. Equipment or plant involved is not to be used until cleared by a worksafe representative.

Notifiable event: A death, notifiable injury or illness, or a notifiable incident.

Notifiable Injury and illness: Includes but is not limited to, a serious injury which requires immediate treatment (other than first aid) e.g. an amputation, serious eye injury, serious burn. An injury which would normally require hospitalisation. Serious infections related to animal bites, exposure to blood or bodily substances, or animal products.

Notifiable Incident: An unplanned or uncontrolled event which exposes a person to serious risk. e.g. but not limited, to, an explosion, trench or structure collapse, escape of pressure or hazardous substance, electrical shock.

Accident and Incident Reporting

A timely and accurate accident report must be completed for all accidents and injuries involving contract staff, Ara staff, students and visitors.

Report forms are available from the Health and Safety Manager or Property Supervisor and at Ara website.

A copy of the report is to be forwarded to the Health and Safety Manager for action and addition to our records database.

All accidents may also be investigated by the Health and Safety Manager or delegate.

Investigation of all serious accidents will begin as soon as possible but at least within one working day of the occurrence. The Health and Safety Manager will be kept informed where the investigation completion will exceed two working days.

The contractor is responsible for reporting to worksafe, notifiable events involving their own staff.

Effective accident/incident reporting will be one of the criteria identified during post contract evaluation.

Reporting form

Please complete the following and send to the Health and Safety Manager

Reviewed 2016.