Style Guide for Staff Profiles

Completing your profile

You will need to complete the staff profile submissions form in one session as you are unable to save the form and come back to it later. 

All fields marked with * are compulsory and must be completed in order to submit the form. 

Please note: staff have the option to include or exclude their email address. If an email address is included there is the expectation for staff to respond to enquiries in a timely and professional manner, and to ensure an out of office message is set up every time you are absent from work for longer than one business day.

Please ensure that prior to submitting your profile for approval that your profile reads well and is proofread for any grammatical or spelling errors.    

Staff profile approval process

  1. Once you submit your profile this will be sent to your departmental manager who will approve, decline, add a comment or edit your profile. If your profile is declined or a comment is added you will be able to go back to your profile, make changes and apply for approval again. 
  2. Once your profile has been approved by your departmental manager it will be sent to the marketing services team who will further edit, review and/or approve. 2.
  3. Once a profile has gone through all stages of approval it will go live on the Ara website.

Staff Profiles should meet the following style guidelines for display on the Ara website.


Kay Example Image
Example Image:
Kay Giles

A portrait photograph of at least 500kb will need to be uploaded with your profile.

As this is a professional profile it will most likely be a head and shoulders (see sample) or a photograph of staff profiled in relation to their role (i.e playing guitar).   

If you are going to supply a photo make sure:

  • The photo is in focus
  • You are smiling in the photo and looking at the camera
  • Ensure the background is clean and clutter-free 
  • Make sure the light source is in front of you to avoid a silhouette 
  • There is plenty of space around the image – should we need to crop it
  • Photos are in proportion – check the height/width dimensions so resizing doesn't distort the photo.
  • Be aware of what you are wearing. Patterns (especially tight stripes) should be avoided

If you do not have a suitable photograph to upload, a head and shoulders 'passport style' 
shot can be taken by Ara photography students. A time for this will be arranged through your department. 

Professional profile – Maximum 100-125 words 

Your professional profile must be no longer than 100-125 words and should include background information, work experience and industry relevance, you might like to include notable achievements. You profile shouldn't be too personal but should be aspirational. 

Every profile must start with your first name. Use John not John Smith or Dr John eg "John is an English-born composer."

All profiles should be written in:

  • The 3rd person i.e 'John Smith is a qualified lecturer in Science' rather than 'I am a qualified lecturer in Science'.
  • The present tense in particular when referencing your role at Ara - with the exception of past achievements (these can be written in the past tense).     
  • Easily understood short to mid length sentences in both your profile and the Research/Interests sections. The Qualifications, Awards and Achievements and Professional Membership sections will be displayed as bullet points and do not need to be full sentences. 
  • When referring to numbers within your profile you should use words for numbers one through nine eg nine years. When referring to numbers 10 or above use numerals eg 11 years.      
  • Use United Kingdom/ New Zealand spelling eg colour not color and specialise not specialize.  
  • Within your profile you need to use your name as it appears on Staff Finder and your email. You should not refer to a nickname eg if your name is David Jones you should not refer to yourself as Dave.    
  • Any mention of a qualification you teach should be written out in full eg Bachelor of Musical Arts not B.MusArts. 
  • Any mention of your qualification should be written out in full eg Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) (Otago).  
  • You need to also make sure that you have referred to departments, programmes, courses and qualifications correctly eg Music Arts not Jazz School. 
  • If you wish to refer to an abbreviation/acronym make sure you write the full name first and follow this with the abbreviation/ acronym in brackets eg New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS). In further reference you can refer to the abbreviation/ acronym.

Academic staff- examples

See examples below for the type of profile information that should be contained on an academic profile.  

Click on each of the profiles to view them in full resolution.

Example Profile

Example Profile

Example Profile