Knowledge at Work

Knowledge opens doors. It solves problems. It transforms lives. It informs and entertains. It builds communities and careers.

Ara is all about equipping you with the industry-relevant knowledge and hands-on experience you need to get the career you want and to excel in it.

We bring together the best knowledge, expertise and the greatest passion for teaching to deliver a superior learning experience and the very best outcomes.

We stay relevant with learning models that are constantly adaptive, flexible and responsive to industry and regional needs – all while ensuring international credibility.

What's more, we provide an ever-increasing number of online and blended delivery programmes, and more flexible, part time options. Our workplace training and apprenticeship opportunities continue to increase, as do our innovative collaborations with other educational providers and industry.

Whatever career you choose to pursue, and wherever it may take you, as an Ara graduate you can be sure that your knowledge and skills will always be relevant and you'll be ready for the challenges and opportunities our changing world presents.

Be in the know. Be ready for anything.